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Membership and Dues


SIAA offers the following member options:

Life Member - $250

Regular Member - $25 per annum (currently waived)
Associate Member (open to certain non-Indian & non-academic categories) - $25 per annum (currently waived)
Student Member (open to graduate students) - $10 per annum (currently waived)

Please send following information to


Your Title, First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name:


Academic subject area and specialization (if any):


Website Link for CV / Research publications (if any):


Address, phone, E-mail(s)


Home address and phone (optional)






Latest News:

 A memo of understanding (MOU) has been signed with the R Foundation of Austria.  If you wish to donate to the R Foundation, send your donation check Payable to SIAA along with the official Form required by the R Foundation.  Contact for details. Donations to SIAA are tax deductible.


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